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Find below a list of useful links and details for learning to drive, booking your theory and information needed for the practical test itself.

Links to Gov.uk

The following will take you to the relevant sections of the official Gov.uk website. NOTE: Please use any other site with caution as they may charge you an extra fee for booking anything regarding your driving.

Link Summary of info at each website
Info for learning to drive Useful info for learner drivers
Provisional licence Applying for your provisional licence
Share your licence To allow you to share your licence for others to check your entitlement to drive See 'Checking your Driving Licence' below
Highway Code Are you up to date with the Official Highway Code?
Test fees Driving test fees
Theory test Book and manage your theory test
Practical Test Book and manage your practical test
Show Me Tell Me Questions Show Me Tell Me Vehicle Questions for your practical test

Checking Your Driving Licence (Entitlement To Drive)

Changes to driving licences came into effect on 8th June 2015 so that driving licences consist of just the photo card. Endorsements, penalty points and driving bans are no longer recorded on driving licences, but are only accessible online.

Sharing your licence

If we need to check your full licence details at any time to see the vehicles you’re allowed to drive, and to check for penalty points and disqualifications then details can be found how to do this below.

The consequences for not checking the above are very serious.

You will need to generate a code which will allow us to check your licence details.

In order to do this you will need:
1) Your driving licence
2) Your national insurance number
3) Your home postcode

You will then need to go to Share your licence on the GOV UK website and follow the instructions for sharing your driving licence.

Once the code has been generated please Email us the following :
1) The check code
2) The last eight digits of your driving licence number.

It is your responsibility to provide your Instructor with proof that you have a valid licence to drive, before the commencement of your first lesson. If you gain any points or endorsements on your licence once you have started lessons you MUST let us know.

Checking your licence

Your Instructor will view and check your entitlement to drive online using the code and the last eight digits of your driving licence number.

On your first driving lesson

Please note, you MUST bring your photocard licence for ID inspection on your first lesson.

If you fail to provide this proof, your Instructor is entitled to refuse to conduct the lesson but still charge you.

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