Wendy's Driver Training

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contact details Tel: 01536 725329 or 07981156117

If you have any other questions regarding your learning then please do not hesitate to contact Wendy's and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

When can I start learning to drive?

You need to be 17 years old before you drive on a public road.

What do I need to have before learning

You must have a Provisional Driving Licence and also need to ensure your eyesight is satisfactory for driving

Is it best to take my theory test before learning to drive?

It doesn't matter when you take the test, some people find the Theory Test easier if they have used some of this during practical lessons. Until you have passed the Theory and Hazard Perception Test you cannot book a Practical Driving Test, so it would be wise to start your studying earlier. If you book any lessons with Wendys and wish to start learning your theory prior to your lessons starting then please let us know and will send you details to get you started.

Do you recommend practise driving outside the normal driving lessons?

If there is someone available to guide you through the skills already taught with Wendys then yes its always worth having as much practise as possible. It is recommended that you do not practise new skills without first having been taught these as this can result in difficulties breaking habits to learn the skills required to pass the practical test to DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) standards.

How many lessons should I need to be test ready?

Obviously every student learns at different rates and this varies depending on individual experiences and skills. Private driving practise and researching the topics outside the normal lesson times should hopefully help speed the process.

Practise, Practise and Practise again until .... you can drive for at least 40 minutes and are able to carry out the manouevers safely and accurately without any help from the person sat next to you. The only help you should need are directions from the person or a Sat Nav Device.

An Approved Driving Instructor will be able to assess if you are ready for the driving test or can advise any areas that need to be developed to be ready.

What if I need to cancel a driving lesson?

If you need to cancel a lesson, please give your instructor a minimum of 24 hours (1 clear day) notice otherwise you will be liable for full payment. If a pre-paid lesson is cancelled it will count as a lesson taken unless a minimum of 24 hours notice is given. Full Terms and conditions will be provided to you either prior to or during your first lesson. Please contact us if you require a further copy.