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Driving lesson areas

The majority of Wendy's driving lessons are taken around the Kettering area, but some of the earlier lessons can be taken around the location the lessons start providing these are within the driving lesson training areas covered by Wendys Driver Training.

The driving lessons are structured in a way to ease the new learner into driving by learning a new skill, practising and building on that skill until both instructor and learner are both confident to move onto a new topic. At Wendy's we don't wait until the someone is 100% accurate at one topic before moving onto something new. If we did wait for perfection then there is a risk the learner will feel they are not progressing very quickly. We also ensure there is no loss of confidence by moving onto a topic too early when the learner is not ready which could result in not enjoying the training.

The driving lessons follow a logical sequence so the learner can build on the previous skill. Below is a list of the topic areas and the order which you can expect to learn these at Wendys starting with Stage 1.

Stage 1

  • Safety and Controls
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Mirrors
  • Signals
  • Junctions
  • Meet Approaching Traffic
  • Adequate Clearance
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Roundabouts
  • Crossroads
  • Anticipation
  • Progress and Hesitancy
  • Town Driving

Stage 2

  • Reverse Parallel Parking
  • Bay Parking - Reversing
  • Bay Parking - Driving forwards
  • Pull up and Reverse on the Right
  • Rural Roads
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Controlled / Emergency Stop
  • Independent Driving
  • Sat Nav Use
  • Mock Tests
  • Show me tell me questions

Sometimes we may have to divert from this sequence depending on what is happening on the roads at the time and the level and ability of each student. Every student learns at different rates therefore it is impossible to compare each one even though they may start their training at the same time.

To help explain new procedures some students prefer to see a picture, to see examples of diagrams used during the training at Wendy's Click Here.

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